XYZ was founded in 1998, Taiwan-based leading manufacturer and supplier of high performance coilover and brake systems with 150,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility. .


XYZ has had excellent experience of making high performance for over 10 years, all product designers with over 10 years background in international racing competitions are retried and work as engineering and testing team. We have been committed to making and offering quality products for a few well-known brands in Japan and USA, and combine European, American and Japanese technical expertise, capture advanced process knowledge, continue R&D through innovation for high end auto sport parts and solidifying our leadership position in motor sport industry. All XYZ components are inspected strictly through quality control program, and all products are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 standards. We have made custom coilover systems for over 70 racers worldwide so far. We are a sponsor of Alfa Romeo Racing Team at WTCC (World Touring Car Championship) for 2006 and 2007 and of ACSCA in 2006 and 2007. Our products are tested fit on physical vehicles through global racing teams, in addition, we use the advanced equipment to test each set. XYZ equipped vehicles have captured numerous racing championships.

XYZ coilover/brake kits are distributed through many dealers and sole agents in the world. The number of XYZ dealers and sole agents is getting more and more every year due to our high quality and competitive prices.XYZ has very good business relationship with the sole agents in China(including Hong Kong and Macao), Japan, Czech Republic, Philippines, Portugal, France, New Zealand, Russia, Australia,Greece and so on.

Innovation, technology and quality are XYZ commitments to consumers. We will continue development through innovation of brake and suspension technology. We bring you to the ultimate performance, it’s much more than a slogan.

Super Sport

Super Sport damper has eliminated discomfort resulted from bumps or rough roads. Super Sport damper enables you to adjust the ride height and has 30-way dampening adjustment. In other words, your car with this system can be set to meet all different road conditions. This high performance damper is suitable for both weekend race and daily use.

Top of the line sport damper

Mono-tube design and lightweight aluminum lower mount, full ride height adjustable

Larger 45mm piston diameter and 51.5mm shock body

30-way damping adjustment can be used for different road condition, suitable for track day and daily use.

One year limited warranty for leaking strut, replacement for defective strut


1: Top Mount

In XYZ standard design on shock absorbers in Super Sport (SS), all McPherson struts come with pillow ball upper mounts and Wishbone struts are equipped with aluminum top mounts. The pillowball top mount or aluminum top mount is not available for a few certain applications due to the OE upper mount with no holes on it. PS) The pillow ball top mount is able to adjust camber degree, and to increases stability and handling of your vehicle by 10%.

2:Mono-tube deisgn

Mono-tube design is adopted for this coilover system as it can maintain stable damping and keep the comfort on varieties of uneven roads and bumps . The super sport damper with big piston diameter of 45mm can be used for weekend race as well.

3: Fully-adjustable lower mount

A moveable bottom mount is adopted; both ride-height and pre-load can be adjusted by adjusting the bottom mount.

McPherson lower mount – Use of steel materials (SPHC-C) to enhance the strength, avoiding unusual displacement caused by a span of driving after wheel alignment and improving the lower mount deformation resulted from turning pressure. Wishbone lower mount – Because there is no turning pressure, aluminum material (A6061) is adopted for wishbone lower mount, having ability to reduce weight and to dissipate heat effectively.

4: Damping adjustable

Super Sport comes with 30-way damping adjustment, offering the best performance under different road conditions. The shock uses needle valve to have linear damping adjustment at each level.

5: Anti-Rust

All threaded parts are coated with Fluorine to prevent corrosion or adherence. A bottom mount is anodized. All metal parts are tested by salt spray test.

6: Spring

99% applications come with pillow ball upper mount to enable you to experience the driving feelings directly. All adopted materials are highly lightweight (SAE9254) to avoid any spring shortening issue after a span of driving, providing better ride feel for driver and passengers. Super Sport damper is equipped with the springs that have the most perfect spring rates.

7: New Bearing Assembly

Bearing assembly enhances the smoothess when turning, and the driver can control the steering wheel feedback better. It can avoid unusual sound comes from turning the steering wheels as well as enhance the steering wheel feedback largely.

8: Spring Bearing

The piece put between the spring and the locking ring is Teflon bearing, it can eliminate strange noises and allow a vehicle to move more smoothly when turning.


The feature of Pillowball+Rubber Top Mount is camber adjustable,and provides the best handling while driving. Hardened rubber is able to reduce the car body weight on pillow ball to extend the life of top mount. (Availability depends on different applications).