Roadsafe design and manufacture some of Australia’s Toughest & best value for money 4WD components.


Their range includes but is not limited to the following:

Rated recovery points for many popular makes and models.

Tow Points have been designed as matched pairs, supplied in LH/RH for vehicle specific fitment. Your purchase will include high tensile bolts, and any additional, vehicle specific mounting hardware required to ensure secure fitment to vehicles. Correct fitment of these components is critical for yours & others personal safety.

Each pair of Tow Points is supplied with vehicle specific fitment instructions. These instructions should be followed during fitment to ensure all steps are taken for correct installation, so when required, the points will be at their optimum Working Load Limit (WLL) as stamped. It is the Tow Points themselves as supplied that have been tested to the WLL advised. It is at the vehicle owners discretion for fitment, ensuring that the chassis is adequately designed, constructed and/or rated to suit this application.

It is recommended that Tow Points are fitted by a qualified mechanic with specialist 4WD knowledge, who has an understanding of your vehicle including weights carried, the style of Bull Bar, general usage etc. as in some circumstances these Tow Points may not be suit- able for your vehicle.

These Tow Points have not been tested for lifting purposes & should not be used for lifting, the forces applied differ between lifting and straight line pull type recoveries.

If a recovery is to be performed, it is imperative both recovery points are utilized, ideally with the use of a bridle strap. This will share the load through the front of your vehicle, giving increased strength and safety margins, the use of a bridle strap will also keep all com- ponents tethered in the case of a failure, reducing the risk of serious injury or death.

Auxillary battery trays

Roadsafe 4WD have your auxiliary battery tray requirements covered. Like all Roadsafe 4WD products, our battery trays are built to handle the toughest situations, simply because we ‘overkill’ the design! From extra leg mounts to thicker steel gauges, the unique design process is instilled in every battery tray we offer.

Made in Australia, the Roadsafe 4WD battery tray range is second to none! Built tough to go the distance.

Underbody protection systems

Roadsafe 4WD Protection Plates perfectly integrate with the vehicles key underbody designs with carefully positioned water dispersion and venting holes.

The Roadsafe 4WD Protection Plates work to protect the key undercar components without compromising airflow, water disbursement or durability.

Offroad driving exposes the vehicle to damage from a huge variety of obstacles found on the tracks, from rocks to logs, Roadsafe 4WD protection plates protect the vehicle undercarriage from the majority of bumps and scrapes against these obstacles.

Roadsafe 4WD Protection Plates are designed and manufactured in Australia from precision laser cut 3mm steel, ensuring that while tough, the plates are not too heavy or rigid to contribute to structural damage to the vehicle in the event of a heavy impact.

Pressed ribs and folded reinforcements have been included in the design to provide significant strength without adding unnecessary weight to the vehicle.

Roadsafe Protection Plates are finished in zinc coating for rust protection & longevity.

Plates can be painted or powder coated over the zinc treatment by the customer if required. All plates use the original bolt pattern – no drilling required.

Where possible oil change access, without plate removal, has been integrated into the plate design.

Made in Australia, the Roadsafe 4WD Protection Plates range is second to none! Built tough to go the distance.

Panhard Rods

An absolute necessity on all raised 4WD’s is the Adjustable Panhard Rod.

Designed to correct axle alignment, the fitment of an Adjustable Panhard Rod eliminates

potential contact between tyre and body, and improves handling issues on vehicles lifted 2”+.

All Roadsafe Adjustable Panhard Rods are Heavy Duty, single thread off car adjustable and come complete with bushings and steering damper mounting brackets where applicable.

Roadsafe produce thick wall heavy duty uprated adjustable panhard rods to suit GQ, GU Patrol + 80 & 105 series Land Cruisers

Track rods, Drag links & Relay rods.

Roadsafe offer a full range of Heavy Duty Drag Links and Track Rods to suit for a heap of Aussie found 4WD’s. It’s not a case of ‘one style for all’ at Roadsafe. The range includes a Startup’ upgraded version, a Serious 4WD version, and the ultimate MF Comp style in 4140 Chromoly Steel.

Available for common Landcruisers & Patrols.

Even the Startup version for Patrols is a huge upgrade over standard, featuring 30mm OD with 6.5mm wall thickness.

Comp Spec Track rods, Drag links & Relay rods.

Roadsafe ‘Comp’ version rods are for the Hard Core 4WD’ers! Designed specifically for comp vehicles to take punishment time and time again, the new ‘MF’ rods are a must for those interested in improved strength and handling over Australia’s tough terrain. Weighing in at over 12kgs each, these ‘MF’ rods will certainly make the underside of your truck look and act tough!

Caster correction kits

HD offset caster bushes to suit Patrol GQ, GU & Landcruiser 80,105 Series

Patrol Drop Boxes

Roadsafe Drop Boxes to suit GQ,GU are designed to allow for the radius arms to be dropped slightly below the chassis to correct the caster geometry, correct articulation of the suspension components and improve ride. Roadsafe Drop Boxes are designed to suit for 3-4” lifts. Roadsafe offer direct Bolt-In option for the Drop Boxes. No welding or cutting required. Once fitted your Roadsafe Drop Boxes will:

  • Level the radius arms allowing the wheels to better follow the track surface increasing occupant comfort & traction, in addition to solving caster issues associated with suspension lift.
  • Eliminate the preload on the rubber bushings permitting for greater flex & longer bushing life.
  • Move the front diff forward approx. 10mm allowing clearance between tyre & guard (no need for Radius Arm Spacers when Drop Boxes are installed).
  • Space the gear box cross member down approx. 8mm improving pinion angles.
  • Give a smoother ride due to reduced resistance of suspension components in their natural arc.

Long travel IFS upper front arms

To suit KUN26R Hilux, 120 & 150 Series Prado

Ball Joints

Roadsafe have a large range of quality ball joints to suit a wide variety of applications.

Tie rod ends

Roadsafe Tie Rod Ends are offered as part of the standard passenger vehicle and 4WD range.

Roadsafe have a huge range of Replacement Tie Rod Ends available, below is a brief listing of the key Nissan Patrol & Toyota Landcruiser numbers

Patrol hub socket

Roadsafe have available both the ‘pin style’ and ‘54mm’ Hub Sockets to suit for Nissan Patrol.

Hub Nuts in the early GQ’s are a standard ‘normal’ hexagonal nut.

Hub Nuts in the late GQ’s (Series 2-on) & GU are circular with holes that require pins to slot in and turn. The Roadsafe 4H501 Hub Socket has prongs that slot into the corresponding holes. Roadsafe Hub Sockets are designed for use with a ½” drive, so you can use your standard socket set so tighten or remove the wheel bearings.

Diff drop kits

Landcruiser & Hilux Diff Drop Kits

When lifting IFS Vehicles, the Constant Velocity (CV) joints are put on an increased angle.

This increased angle of the CV joint during operation can accelerate the wear on the joint, as well as putting additional stress on the CV boots leading to splitting and eventually premature failure of the CV. This wear is accelerated further if larger (wider) wheels and tyres are fitted.

The Roadsafe IFS Diff Drop Kits are application specific and supplied complete to get the job done. The bolt on kit corrects the geometry on the front driveshaft and CV’s, lowering the front diff by approx. 25mm, thus reducing the angles the CV joints need to operate on, and avoiding the expensive replacements of CV’s and boots. Allows the bash plate to be refitted.

Rear upper & lower trailing arms

If your Rear Lower Trailing Arms have taken a knock, and resemble something a little bit bent, then it’s time for a new one! Your Rear Lower Trailing Arms on Patrols & Cruisers should not look bent!

Roadsafe Rear Lower & Upper Trailing Arms are built tough, so when you bump them up against rocks & tough terrain, they won’t bend as much as the standard arms. You’ve got to really give the Roadsafe ones a decent smack to get the 5mm wall thickness to buckle in. We’re not claiming Roadsafe arms are infallible, there will always be a bloke who wants to hang his truck up by the lower rear arms with bending consequences, but for your average 4WD’er one set of Roadsafe arms should see you through the life of your truck.

Manufactured to factory bush specifications & supplied complete with high flex rubber bushings.

Strut top mounts

4WD specific Roadsafe Rubber Strut Mounts to suit a wide variety of applications.

Manufactured from Natural Rubber, the Roadsafe rubber bushings offer longer wear characteristics, in addition to the ability to absorb minor vibrations and noise from neighbouring suspension parts. Natural Rubber bushings are generally noise free in their own operation (when in good condition!).

All Roadsafe rubber bushings are manufactured to OE dimensions specifications, so should just press or bolt in to factory or aftermarket components.

Patrol rear wheel mount brackets

The Roadsafe Nissan Patrol Spare Wheel Rear Mount Assembly, is supplied to suit GQ & GU Patrols. Initially the design was limited to GU, but more recently we have added extra holes & mount points to make it suitable for the GQ also! Basically the Bracket acts as a spacer sitting between the door and the existing spare wheel mount carrier. As well as spacing the bracket out from the door, it also allows it to be lifted up to provide clearance between the spare & the rear step. All this spacing means a larger spare wheel/tyre combination can be carried. Available as an optional extra, designed to suit the bracket, is our Telescopic Light Pole. A simple design, with minimal moving parts, allowing for the fitment of one or two lights.

Brake proportioning valve bracket

To suit GQ, GU & 80,105 Series with 3,4,5” lifts

Also KUN26R Hilux

Extended brake hose kits

To suit GQ, GU & 80,105 Series with 3-6” lifts

Made in Australia to meet or exceed ADR42/04 the Roadsafe range of Extended Brake Lines are available in either standard or braided format. Extended brake lines are required if you have a suspension lift over 3”. When you lift 3” or higher, you will find that your original brake lines are fully stretched on full droop, this results in line fatigue and eventual breakage resulting in brake failure. Roadsafe extended lines are available for both 3-4” and 5-6” lifted vehicles. The reason for the two sizes is so there is not too much slack in the lines on the smaller lifts, which can catch and tear.

GQ to GU hub nut upgrade kit

Roadsafe offer a kit that allows you to upgrade the GQ to the more advanced wheel bearing locking nut system as included standard on the GU.

We’ve included the hub tool in the kit to make it easy to screw everything back up, so you can complete the conversion with just this kit, and a few tools from the shed.

Idler arms

Available to suit many makes and models.

Rack ends

Available to suit many makes and models.

GQ, GU Complete radius arm replacements.

The Roadsafe Complete Radius Arm Replacements for the GQ-GU Patrol have been designed with Australian conditions in mind, for offroad competition use only, offering better handling on lifted vehicles and extra flex. The Roadsafe RANPB Drop Arm kit is supplied complete with 4” Dropped Radius Arms, High Flex Rubber Bushings (factory spec dimensions) and low profile Drop Boxes.

The Roadsafe Radius Arms are precision flame cut from massive 32mm thick solid S45C Mild Steel, and include tapped holes for ABS line & sway bar mounts (as standard).

Manufactured with high tensile bush eyes, the Roadsafe arms feature a bushing chassis mount to offer further increased articulation and reduce the bump steer effect caused with factory style arms, resulting in improved handling at higher speeds, all finished in black E-Coating for maximum durability and rust prevention.

GQ, GU Radius arm spacer washer.

Designed to fit GQ and GU Patrols with coil front, the Roadsafe Radius Arm Spacer Kit is primarily used to ‘push’ the front diff forward (approx. 15mm) to give better clearance for larger tyres so they don’t hit the front mud flaps and guards. Another common issue with the Patrols is for the standard radius arm washers to bend following excessive impacts, which can result in premature failure of the arm. Bigger tyres also generally means bigger shocks with longer travel.

This increase in travel can put additional stress on the rear radius arm rubber bushings, causing them to distort or become dislodged.

The High Tensile Roadsafe Radius Arm Spacers, being stronger than standard washers, resist bending and aid in radius arm longevity.

The Roadsafe Radius Arm Spacers are also designed in such a way as to ‘cup’ the rubber bushing, preventing it from being dislodged, resulting in improved bushing longevity.

Extended Swaybar Links


In addition to standard replacement sway bar links to suit for the Nissan Patrol, Roadsafe have designed and manufactured a version to suit lifts from 2-8”. Roadsafe Heavy Duty ‘Extended Thread’ Patrol Sway Bar Links allow you to effectively trim the sway bar link to your desired length to provide adequate tail shaft clearance and sway bar alignment. Manufactured from Heavy Duty 16mm rod, Roadsafe Heavy Duty sway bar links offer both increased strength and increased stud articulation, providing for less stress on the sway bar links during wheel articulation.


With suspension lifts installed, the front & rear sway bars are moved away from the chassis, reducing articulation. The Roadsafe extended sway bar brackets are suited for 2-4” lifts, and allow you to effectively lower the outside sway bar link mount points, to re-introduce the appropriate amount of articulation of the sway bars. Plus… you can space down the sway bar to stop it hitting the tail shaft! During the production cycle of the 80 series Landcruisers two different styles of bracket were used for the rear – a straight style (mounts to side of chassis), and a ‘u’ shaped style (mounts to underside of chassis) – please ensure you check the vehicle prior to ordering.

100 Series IFS Torsion bars strengthening bracket kit

The Landcruiser 100 Series with IFS have experienced issues with cracking of the lower control arm around the area that the Torsion Bar torque arms bolt to, due to the high torque and impact loadings passing through the torsion bars and the lower control arm. The Roadsafe reinforcing bracket is a folded plate that when bolted on, strengthens the lower control arm in the area where cracking is experienced. Roadsafe recommend fitting a Torsion Bar Strengthening Brace on all 100 series IFS regardless to whether they have any aftermarket components.

D22 idler arm reinforcing kit

The Roadsafe Idler Bracket for the D22 Navara is installed between the chassis & the factory idler. The bracket provides support to the bottom of the pivot pin stopping the side loading wearing the bushing out too quickly. Side loading force is greater when a suspension lift & large tyres are fitted.

Especially in these circumstances is the installation of a support bracket recommended.

The Roadsafe bracket is manufactured from 4mm plate, with the pivot pin hole slightly oversize to suit for both aftermarket & Genuine style idler arms.

GQ, GU coil tower strengthening kit

Nissan Patrol GQ & GU have been known to experience cracking in the top rear coil mounts. When these mounts crack, the coil pushes up into the body, and crushes the brake lines, resulting in loss of braking. The Roadsafe Coil Tower Strengthening Brackets are designed to reinforce this area of the top mount.

BT-50 & Ranger top shock reinforcement

Mazda BT50 & Ford Ranger have been known to experience cracking in the front top shock mounts, when upgraded heavy duty shocks have been installed. When these mounts crack, the top of the shock becomes free.

The Roadsafe Shock Reinforcing Brackets are designed to reinforce this area of the top mount.

Transmission Spacers

Available to suit GQ, GU & Ford Ranger, BT-50

Extended Shackles

If you are after more flex in your vehicles rear end, then Extended Shackles are an easy way to achieve it. Basically the extended shackle creates a greater sweeping arc of the shackle which in turn provides for more wheel travel and a nicer ride. Roadsafe Extended Shackles are engineered to the highest standard, with factory size Greasable Pins (to allow installation of factory bushings) and 50mm extended plates. All Roadsafe extended shackles incorporate a stepped bolt design, ensuring that the shackles cannot be overtightened, resulting in deformation of the bushings.

Roadsafe extended shackles incorporate a great design feature to protect the grease nipple against damage from rocks and debris that could be encountered in the installed position./p>

Giving 50mm more length than the factory shackle you will also see a lift of between approx. 25-30mm (Depending upon application).