KONI develops, manufactures and sells worldwide specialty high quality and performance hydraulic shock absorbers and systems for street- and racecars, busses, trucks, trailers, railway rolling stock and industrial applications.


Sport shocks are designed for drivers looking for a sporty driving experience. These products focus on exceptional road-holding combined with an acceptable level of comfort. KONI Sport characteristics include responsive steering, reduced body-roll and limited body movements. Many Sport shocks are externally adjustable shock absorbers, making fine tuning even easier.

Performance Koni Shocks Commodore H series ford old chev


The KONI Classic line makes modern shock absorber technology available for classic cars and cars from the ‘40s, ‘50s and ‘60s. They have the same superior qualities which the KONI Specials offer to modern cars. Classic and replacement shocks are finished with the traditional black (identified as black and “wing” logo).



Ready for the road? For curves? For adrenalin? For fiercely defined ideal lines and every amount of centrifugal force? We know what excites you. With the introduction of the STR.T sport damper, we give everyone the ultimate road feeling of a KONl sport chassis – the quick and easy way.



Challenging the dirt? KONI’s will optimize your 4×4 experience. With our RAID or Heavy Track shock absorbers, no road is too challenging. Optimum handling, road holding and grip. Every application is specially developed from high quality materials for maximum performance.



KONI Automotive After Market shock absorbers, struts and damper systems are made superior in quality and driving capability. KONI Original Equipment products are specially designed to be produced in smaller quantities for niche models/series from major OE manufacturers or for high performance models from smaller specialty- or sport car manufacturers.

KONI dampers and systems for railway applications are customer specifically designed to meet with or exceed their highest performance and safety requirements for today’s high-speed train transport systems, locomotives, metro’s and trams. The applied KONI technologies always provide clear added value when referencing lifetime quality and durability, ride performance and safety.

KONI, as part of ITT, operates under a corporate-wide initiated Value Based Six Sigma management regime, which secures the best possible operating conditions and providing for maximum customer satisfaction.


The Research, Development and Engineering departments of KONI are totally committed to the KONI philosophy of offering the best shock absorber and life expectancy for any application. The R&D department is fully equipped to perform this task by means of the finest test facilities and ‘a wealth’ of experience in the field of damping, be it for Formula One racers, street cars, luxury travel coaches or city buses, freight trailers or High Speed Passenger Trains.

KONI engineers have compiled a huge data base of the ideal damping characteristics for every application and are consistently working on new damping concepts. Contemporary computer supported design technologies, highly (often internally) trained and motivated personnel and the availability of extended measuring and testing facilities lead to well researched and thoroughly developed new products. Naturally all new developments in materials are closely followed and evaluated for product use.

All of the new product developments are executed under the regime of the international automotive industry standard ISO 9001:2000, which secures that all products fully meet their determined objectives. The product is extensively validated during testing at the KONI Test Track and on the R&D test benches operating under simulated and/or real time road or rail track recordings. During the research and development process a close contact with the manufacturing process engineers is maintained to assure that the product later can be reliably produced and shall meet our highest quality targets.

KONI is the premier manufacturer of adjustable shocks in the world. Our shocks are made from the highest quality raw materials and machined to the tightest tolerances.
Each shock absorber, no matter which specific feature it has, is tailor made for your car. KONI shocks are specifically designed and thus adapted to meet the requirements for each individual application.


By 1918, production switched firstly to radiator and spring covers and later also to metal car panel beating and spraying. In 1932, KONI started the production of friction shock absorbers. In 1940, a manifold for cars was the first product bearing the name KONI.

In 1945, the factory produced its first adjustable telescopic shock absorbers for cars and trucks, soon followed by specially designed dampers for railway rolling stock.

Since 1950, KONI has developed from a skilled small local company into a multi-national shock absorber specialist with subsidiaries in France, Germany and the U.S.A. and with independent national distributors and agents in more than 90 countries in the world.

In 1972, ITT Corporation, NY, USA, a global multi-industry company acquired KONI now being a part of its Motion & Flow Control segment. In addition to the New York Stock Exchange, ITT’s common stock is traded on the Midwest, Pacific, London, Frankfurt and Paris exchanges.

Today KONI is recognized world-wide as the quality shock absorber specialist par excellence, focussing solely on high performing suspension-damping technology for Cars, Racing, Specialty Trucks, Busses, Trailers, Locomotives and Railway Rolling Stock.

KONI shock absorbers and ride systems are, unlike from other manufacturers, specially designed for each and every application without any compromise to quality, durability and available best technology to fulfill the highest requirements for comfort, safety and vehicle (handling) performance.


SAHARA Force India F1 Team 2014 on Technical Partner

Shock absorber specialist KONI – equipped with 54 years of F1 experience – joins the team as a technical partner to develop new damper technology with a clear mission to help improve performance in this crucial area of the car. Consorcio Aristos is a Mexican construction company with a long history of engineering excellence dating back to 1956.

Dr Vijay Mallya, Team Principal and Managing Director:

“Announcing two new partners is a great way to kick off the start of the new season. KONI are experts in damper technology and we hope to benefit from a close working relationship to help drive forward our competitiveness. The arrival of Consorcio Aristos confirms the appeal of Sahara Force India to global brands keen to support our efforts in the World Championship. Together with all our partners I thank them for their support and look forward to rewarding them with success on the track.”

Mauro Salini, General Manager KONI Group:

“We are proud to have the opportunity to further extend our 54 years of competing in Formula 1 with Sahara Force India as being one of the most progressing teams. Their focus on suspension perfectly reflects our way forward, for which we will not only develop a new technology, but also further enhance our latest Frequency Selective Damping (FSD) system. We are confident that our mutual goals will result in a fruitful and lasting relationship and are looking forward to many successful years to come.”


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