King Springs is Australia’s leading specialists manufacturer of aftermarket coil springs.

They have internal capabilities to design, develop, and manufacture springs all from the one site.

King Springs leads the way in design and manufacture of advanced progressive springs with both variable pitch and tapered wire forms.
King Springs service all sectors of the automotive market including passenger, commercial and Four Wheel Drive vehicles and various motorsport categories including circuit, rally, speedway and off road racing.
King Springs was established in 1956 on Queensland’s Gold Coast.
Their complex today comprises of three adjoining factories spanning 8000 sqm


King Springs are manufactured using only the best X5K Steel available.
They use computer controlled coiling machines, electronic furnaces, automatic bar peeling process and cambering machines which have been designed and custom built by King Springs to ensure that all areas of the manufacturing processes are of the highest standard.

The high stress material that is only supplied from One Steel is shipped to the plant in an annealed state then bar peeled and polished to the exact size to remove all surface defects, then cut to length.
The material is then heated in electric furnaces to 1000 degrees celcius, formed on computer controlled machines, then hardened by quenching in oil to achieve a hardness of 62 HRC. At this stage the springs are end ground if required.
The next process is shot peening of all surface areas to increase durability.

Every spring is coil scragged, tested, and a full and final inspection is carried out.
All springs are then powder coated for the most durable finish and also to offer maximum presentation.
The springs are then labelled by inkjet and packed up as pairs ready for shipping.

King Springs carry large stocks of most springs for immediate supply.
All King Springs are manufactured under a quality control system that is xompliant with ISO-9001:2008


King Springs are found on most leading cars in every facet of motorsport including race, rally, off road and 4×4 racing.
At the forefront of their motorsport involvement are the Tapered Wire Progressive Rate Springs which have gained a worldwide reputation.
King Springs look at motorsport as being the ultimate testing ground for their products.
The information and experience gained from motorsport involvement only serves to enhance their abilities to be able to design and manufacture all of their products to the highest of standards.

Here are just a few of the current crop of V8 Supercar Teams that are using King Springs


There is no disputing the advantage of increasing the spring rate in a vehicle to improve vehicle stability and load carrying capacity, however, in many vehicles we are often confronted with three major considerations:

Ride Comfort 

Shock Absorber Control 

Spring Entrapment

is always a consideration. The spring rate must increase enough to give improvement without causing undue harshness.
– The shock absorber obviously plays a vital role in controlling a vehicle’s stability. Excessive spring rate can often find shock absorbers struggling to control the vehicle (lack of rebound control).
– When an increase in spring rate and decrease in vehicle ride height is required, spring entrapment can become a problem. Previously, the only solution being a compromise of minimal increase in spring rate and/or minimal decrease in vehicle ride height giving unsatisfactory results (suspension bottoming or not low enough).

Progressive rate springs are the ultimate in spring design. The principle is simple. The spring rate increases when you need it (cornering, load carrying etc.) and decreases it when you don’t. The science being over what suspension travel and to what degree the spring rate will increase. This varies greatly between vehicles. Referring to the above 3 conditions with Kings Tapered Wire / Performance Progressive Rate Springs a substantial spring rate increase is achieved with minimal loss of ride comfort as the spring rate increases and decreases where necessary. As the spring de-rates (the spring rate decreases) the shock absorber no longer struggles for rebound control and gives improved vehicle stability.

With Kings Performance Tapered Wire / Progressive Rate Coil Springs, spring entrapment problems are now often solved with substantial spring rate increases and ride height decreases available.

“The Intelligent Coil Spring”
Progressive Rate Design Principles

Remembering the principle, ‘the less coils in a spring, the higher the spring rate’ as the spring compresses under load the gathered coils come into contact and become inactive thus increasing the spring rate. The point at which each coil comes into contact and the rate of increase is the result of extensive research, development and testing on advanced testing equipment.

Kings Performance Tapered Wire / Progressive Rate Springs in most cases are designed around the De-rate principle, i.e.; the critical part of the suspension travel from ride height back to full suspension drop. The aim is to allow the spring rate to decrease smoothly back to original spring rate or as close as possible.

Original Spring Rate 120lb/” Heavy Duty Linear Spring Rate 160lb/” King Performance Progressive Spring Rate 130lb/” to 200lb/”

The above progressive rate spring would have similar or more improved ride quality than the heavy duty spring with a substantially higher spring rate being achieved at ride height.

Please Note: Tapered Wire / Progressive Rate Springs are not necessary for all vehicles and are only used in specific vehicles recommended by King Springs depending on suspension type and spring travel.

King’s Tapered Wire / Progressive Rate Springs have the unique ability to allow many part numbers to cross reference not only between different vehicles but also front and rear. As the load varies in all cases, the spring rate adjusts accordingly