Gabriel U.S.A. ride control products have been sold in Australia for over 40 years. Since 1986 Brandlines Pty Ltd has been Gabriel’s partner in Australia, representing the brand to distributors and retailers.


The Gabriel brand itself dates back over 100 years to 1907 when the original owner developed the first shock absorber in the North American market and named it “The Snubber”. This innovation was followed by others: the hydraulic shock absorber, the adjustable shock absorber and the first air adjustable shock absorber.

Today, the Gabriel brand is sold in all parts of the globe and the development continues.

For the Australian market there are over 1000 part numbers available for a wide range of cars, light and heavy duty trucks, with products to suit over 80% of vehicles on the road.

Gabriel shock absorbers and struts are widely distributed throughout the country and are available from SuperCheap Auto stores and from other major auto parts resellers.

Brandlines have recently extended their activities into a number of Asian markets where they assist the Gabriel U.S.A. company in improving its brand presence and product coverage.


ULTRA Shock Absorber for passenger cars
(69000/70000 Series)

ULTRA Shock Absorbers for Light Trucks and 4WD’s 
(G63000/G64000 Series)

ULTRA SPRING SEAT Shock Absorbers 
(G51000 Series)

ULTRA Struts
(G52/G55/G56000 Series)

ULTRA Cartridges
(G44000 Series)

GUARDIAN Shock Absorbers
(81000 Series)

CLASSIC Shock Absorbers
(82000 Series)

(14000 Series)

(63000 Series)

(85000 Series)

(89000 Series)


For the ultimate in safety, control, and performance – there’s nothing like Gabriel’s G-Force™ Technology.

-Force is the culmination of years of testing and product development efforts; exclusively designed to deliver the perfect combination of safety and performance that you’ll only find in Gabriel® Ultra™ shocks and struts. It’s shock absorber technology that other manufacturers simply can’t replicate. We’ve built a well-earned reputation for innovation by continuously reinventing shock absorber design and technology. It’s the only way we can continue to exceed the expectations of our customers and continue to “ride the independent spirit” for another 100 years.

  • High-Pressure Nitrogen Gas
  • Quicker response with reduced fade
  • StableSteer™ Valving
  • Improves tire contact with the road for safety and control
  • D.O.M. Tubing
  • Reduces internal wear for longer product life
  • Infinitely Variable Damping
  • Superior on-demand control for all road conditions
  • Single-Lip Oil Seal
  • OE-designed single-lip oil seal minimizes friction for optimal comfort and performance
  • Super-Finished Chromed Piston Rod
  • Provides superior corrosion resistance, performance and product life
  • Leak-Proof Piston Seal
  • Self-compensates for wear, extending product life
  • Orifice Control Disk
  • Consistent control for comfort and stability
  • Sintered Iron Piston
  • Durability and maximum shock performance
  • Heavy-Duty Compression Head


Gabriel strut cushions are used in the vehicle suspension system to protect and shield struts from dirt, grime, grease, moisture and other elements.

A Gabriel strut cushion consists of a convoluted boot or gaiter and a urethane compression bumper. These fit together and slide over the piston rod on the strut’s body.

The BOOT or GAITER protects the strut’s chrome piston rod from damage, keeps dirt out of the seal, pitting from stone chips and corrosion from whatever the road may throw up.

The COMPRESSION BUMPER or BUMP STOP, which fits into the boot, avoids internal damage being caused by preventing metal-to-metal contact under severe compression of the piston rod.

Gabriel emphasises the importance of renewing damaged or missing strut cushions (bump stops).

Damaged or missing strut cushions that are not replaced during strut or cartridge fitments can CAUSE PREMATURE STRUT FAILURE. When this occurs, the Gabriel product warranty will not be honoured.