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The history of the SACHS brand starts in 1894 when the toolmaker and name-giver Ernst Sachs filed his first bicycle wheel hub patent application. BOGE shock absorbers are brand of ZF which are being phased over to the SACHS name. ZF is a global leader in driveline and chassis technology as well as active and passive safety technology. ZF is one of the top three automotive suppliers worldwide.

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One year later, he founded the "Schweinfurter Präzisionskugellager-Werke Fichtel & Sachs" (precision ball bearing production plant) together with Karl Fichtel, a merchant and financier. Then, as today, the stated philosophy was to secure a clear technological edge over competitors, both in terms of product quality and innovation and in terms of customer service.

SACHS products are manufactured from high-quality materials and reflect the state of the art. They stand for high performance and reliability. This is why numerous well-known automotive manufacturers equip their vehicles with SACHS products: Every year, more than 10 million new vehicles equipped with SACHS dampers and shock absorbers roll off the production line. Moreover, SACHS offers high-quality clutches for original equipment manufacturers and the spare-parts market.

Safely on the Road With SACHS

SACHS shock absorbers distinguish themselves through original equipment quality and innovative technology. They provide performance and dynamics, ensuring perfect road grip and cornering behavior, no matter what challenges the road presents.

The Creeping Danger

One in six cars has defective shock absorbers. The problem: Shock absorbers wear down gradually. In most cases, the driver does not notice the increasingly sluggish steering behavior of the vehicle. The defective shock absorbers become apparent only in an extreme emergency situation, for example in a sudden evasive maneuver or during emergency braking. Therefore, shock absorbers must be inspected by an expert after every 80 000 km.

OEM Quality

Numerous well-known automotive manufacturers equip their new vehicles as standard with SACHS shock absorbers. The original equipment know-how is also used for spare parts production. Therefore, SACHS shock absorbers for the aftermarket are always state-of-the-art.

Aluminum Dampers

SACHS offers various types of shock absorbers, e.g. single-tube and twin-tube shock absorbers, suspension struts, spring carriers (shock absorbers with spring plate), and suspension cylinders (shock absorbers with hydraulic leveling system). A special product highlight is the lightweight shock absorber made of aluminum that combines the effects of several lightweight measures. The damper reservoir tube features a variable wall thickness and guarantees strength where high loads occur. The other areas are designed as thin as possible in order to save weight. The volume production of this high-tech product is based on a complex procedure that generates the different wall thicknesses in up to 17 well-matched process steps. Besides shock absorbers, the lightweight design is also used for suspension struts.