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Lemfoerder are one of the World’s largest suppliers of suspension components to the OE manufacturers & aftermarket for European vehicles.

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Over recent years they have extended their range to accommodate a lot of Japanese, U.S and local market vehicles.

Worldwide, the manufacturers of approximately 50 vehicle brands use steering systems and chassis components from ZF / Lemfoerder because, in addition to the high level of quality and long service life, the products also offer the maximum amount of ride comfort and dynamism.

With its LEMFÖRDER brand, ZF is also the first choice for the aftermarket. More and more workshops place their trust in the premium products in OEM quality and benefit from our top-notch service.

OEM Competence

Spare parts in OEM quality

LEMFÖRDER – The Most Important Connection to the Road

LEMFÖRDER products

When the driver accelerates, steers, or brakes, the LEMFÖRDER steering systems and chassis components play a significant role in ensuring that the vehicle can be safely controlled. Our portfolio of precision products consists of:

  • LEMFÖRDER steering systems and chassis components

With the highest demands placed upon design, production, and assembly

  • LEMFÖRDER rubber-to-metal components

For ideal damping and low noise emission


The traditional group of companies consisting of Lemförder Metallwaren AG and Lemförder Metallwaren J. Ulderup AG & Co based in Lemförde, Northern Germany, has been part of ZF Friedrichshafen AG since 1984. The logo with the owl (as well as three tie rods originally) has hardly changed since the Lemförder Metallwaren-Gesellschaft mbH was founded in 1947 and is still a guarantee for quality. The idea to incorporate an owl arose from the name of the former company founder, Ulderup – "Ule" is the Low German word for owl.

Quality Certification According to Regulation (EU) No. 461/2010

Products sold by ZF Services under the SACHS, LEMFÖRDER, BOGE, and ZF Parts brands are spare parts within the meaning of Article 1 Figure (1) h) of Regulation (EU) No. 461/2010 dated May 27, 2010 and meet the criteria of Figures (19) and/or (20) of the supplementary guidelines on vertical restraints in agreements concerning the sale and servicing of automobiles and the sale of automobile replacement parts to the aforementioned regulation.

Lemfoerder Steering Parts and Chassis Components

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Steering lever

Tie rod

Control arms